Time Weekdays Saturday Sunday
6-8AM Sifa na Injili Sifa na Injili Sifa na Injili
8-10AM Soul/Country Music Kids Corner Gospel Music
10-12PM Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Rpt Kids Cartoon Gospel Show
12-1PM Biashara Documentary Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Gospel Show
1-2PM Business News|Tips Business News | Round Up Biashara Documentary
2-3PM Sifa na Injili Rpt Young Entrepreneur | Techie Corporate Documentary
3-4 Sifa na Injili Rpt Music Mix Property Show
4-5PM Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Music Mix Gospel Music
5-7PM Kids Cartoon Kids Cartoon Soul | Country
7-7:30PM Biashara Documentaries Biashara Documentaries Biashara Documentaries
7:30-8PM [1][2][3][4][5] (refer below)
8-9PM Business News|Tips Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries)
9-10PM Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries) Beyond Our Borders (Documentaries)
 10PM-6AM Biashara Entertainment Biashara Entertainment Biashara Entertainment

[1] (Monday) Biashara Documentary
[2] (Tuesday) Young Entrepreneur
[3] (Wednesday) Techie
[4] (Thursday) Biashara Kilimo
[5] (Friday) Biashara Documentary


Biashara Kilimo

Biashara Kilimo is a special segment on agribusiness which captures the trends in Kenya’s agribusiness sector. It focuses  on the role of the government and development partners in enhancing its growth, successful entrepreneurs in agribusiness and key private sector players in the thriving field.


The young entrepreneur

This program showcases the work of young entrepreneurs. These are men and women who have an innovative mind that focuses on solving a problem through enterprise development. The program targets entrepreneurs who run start up businesses, as well as seasoned ones who have been there long enough to experience the highs and lows of the business world. The said entrepreneurs straddle all sectors of the economy, from agriculture to information technology, to retail.  The show also targets service providers who have an innovative suite of services, like financial institutions, IT firms and insurance firms targeting the growth of small and medium enterprises.


The Property Show

In Kenya, the housing deficit keeps on rising every year. Demand for houses and land has gone up as the supply of the same shrinks. Biashara TV partners with property firms with competitively priced property for sale. The Property Show is a platform for real estate sector players to showcase their products and services to tens of thousands of viewers. The show also hosts industry captains who talk about the current trends in the booming industry.


Business Round Up

At Biashara TV, we know that business is the lifeblood of all economies globally. That is why we incisively and objectively package business news that matter to you. The Biashara Round Up is a compilation of local and international news that help the viewers to keep abreast with the happenings of the business world. It is a timely, concise and informative show.